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Hello, my name is Debbie Newsom

My family and I have been Hobby Breeders, selling puppies to Mid–South families, since 2000. My background is pediatric healthcare, so caring for little ones is second nature. Love is "number one" priority in nurturing and caring for animals, and of utmost importance with puppies.

When a 32-year marriage ends, one suddenly realizes the necessity to rethink options and changes in life. My pets have always brought me such joy and unconditional love, the choice was easy.


I am a member of AKC, CKC, ASPCA, and support rescue of animals that need “forever homes". Euthanasia for any adoptable animal is an unacceptable option. I will always be happy to discuss, and consider various options for pet placement with you.

Individuals return to us when they are ready for another pet. They know they can rely upon our highly respected reputation; earned from all our happy customers. Please refer to our testimonial / reference page.

We groom our dogs faithfully and all are Veterinarian checked regularly to ensure they are healthy. [Veterinarian references are provided at time of purchase.]


I am a responsible, reputable, Hobby Breeder and believe pets become family members. Concerted effort and planning goes into all breeding that takes place. We never repeatedly breed our dams. Primarily, health and safety of all animals at Puppy Love Memphis and Memphis Yorkies is our top priority. If health problems or troubled pregnancies occur, we spay the dam. The Spay and Neuter Program is recommended to every new pet parent. Puppy Love Memphis pets represent high qualities in their breed standard, and many exhibit "show potential".



We guarantee every puppy free of health defects. It is important that buyers take their new puppy to a reputable Veterinarian within 48 hours after purchase. If your Veterinarian finds your puppy has a life threatening illness/disease we will gladly refund or exchange your puppy with verifiable documentation from a licensed Veterinarian. All puppies will have 1 to 2 sets of puppy shots and come with their personal health record. We will not sell any puppy that is less than one and a half pounds. All puppies are at least 8 weeks old before they are allowed to enter into a "new home" transition.

If for any reason or time in your pets’ life you are unable to care/keep your pet, please contact me first.
Very Sincerely Yours,
deb     Aimee Newsom
Judy Brown


I strongly feel that all puppies born at Puppy Love Memphis and Memphis Yorkies are pets FIRST. Professionals ONLY, should do breeding.

IN A TINY PACKAGE We do have extra small puppies (under 3 lbs.) available to pet homes. We call these puppies "RUNTS" when this small, and for sale between 3 months to 6 months. They are not suited for homes with small children, cats, or large dogs. Puppy Love Memphis and Memphis Yorkies are not responsible for Veterinarian fees.

I make every effort to be available to "new parents" of my babies, and encourage all to call me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

A special “Thank You and Kudos” to Dr Brandy Ellis, Elmore Rd., Southaven, Ms. (662-253-0274) for excellent Veterinarian services and care.