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The Bond Between Dog and Owner.

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Is there a right dog for you?"

The Truth about Dog and owners.


You may be wondering what the most popular dogs in the United States are. According to the American Kennel Club's registration figures for 2006, the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and German Shepherd lead the large dog breed category and the Yorkshire Terrier, Daschund and Poodle lead the small dog breed category.

They say that dogs are man's best friend, but unless you have actually experienced the bond between dog and owner it is difficult to understand the true depth of that bond.

But if you want a dog, you need to consider the right dog breed for you.

The Dog breed you choose plays a large part in how a dog fits into a family, couple or single person's lifestyle.

Different types of dogs require different types of care.

While there are many factors that you should consider, dog breed probably plays the largest part. Dalmatians, for example, are not advised for families with children because they have a tendency to bite.

Small dogs, like Chihuahuas or any "Toy Breed", are not recommended for small children because the dog breed is so fragile. Pit bulls and other bully breeds are very loyal and affectionate, but they are very much people dogs and require human interaction every day. These dogs possess irrational, unpredictable behavior; they can be as lovable as a Yorkie one day, and suddely become aggressive without reason.

Dogs are pack animals and they view their humans as part of their pack.

They want to be next to you and will be very protective of you. When you bond with your dog, you will have a loyal friend and companion, but when you decide to get a dog, make sure you are prepared to give it a forever home.

Find the right dog breed to fit your lifestyle. Not all dog breeds are the same.

Training is vital when you are bringing a dog into your family. It is highly suggested that you get obedience training for your dog, regardless of whether you keep it inside or outside.

However, if you have an inside dog you pretty much cannot get by without some type of training. You need a well mannered dog in your home or it will be total chaos!

Keeping in mind that dogs are pack animals, it is necessary for you to establish yourself as the "alpha dog." Some dog breeds are more dominant than others, so if you are not very assertive then you may want to opt for a less challenging, more submissive dog.

The right breed for your lifestyle as a dog owner is very important.

If you work all day and have little time to spend with your dog, then a very active dog breed like a golden retriever is probably not for you.

A better breed choice may be two small dogs (so they can keep each other company while you are gone). However, regardless of the breed, your dog needs interaction and exercise. Even a dog that stays outside needs an owner to interact with, and at the very least walked at regular times.

A healthy diet is also very important for keeping your dog happy and healthy. Good protein, crunchy kibble (for healthy teeth and gums) and regular Vet visits will keep your dog in good shape.

Make sure that he is current on his vaccinations, even if he is an inside dog. Your dog depends on your for everything so it is up to you to make sure that all of his needs are met.

You can provide chew toys or bones to help prevent them from chewing your shoes and furniture. It should also be noted that a bored dog will often chew, so if you keep your dog properly stimulated and you interact with him regularly, you will have a dog that is less likely to chew.

Kenneling during the day is also a good idea if you are not at home. Allowing your dog to roam the house unsupervised is asking for trouble.

There is a lot to keeping a dog, but the effort is well worth it.

Your dog can be a wonderful companion and a loyal friend. Just remember that the commitment is for a lifetime. Find a dog breed that works great with your family and lifestyle and you will be well rewarded. The dog and owner relationship is one of absolute devotion, if you choose the right dog breed!



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